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Mayo Diet (hard boiled egg)

> Principle and method
It is a low calorie diet (you consume between 800 and 1000 calories per day) that eat a lot of boiled eggs. It lasts 14 days and is very restrictive (in the case of an exclusion diet) since it prohibits many foods: fats, sugars, starches, legumes and dairy products. The scheme is sometimes called the hard or the Mayo clinic diet egg diet.
The Mayo regimen uses a lot of hard boiled eggs every day
During this plan, you can continue to eat the fruit, but in small quantities (preferably only grapefruit). You should consume 6 eggs per day. Eggs have the advantage of being high in protein and low in calories as well as being nutritious. You can drink as tea or coffee during the 14-day diet to follow without food gaps.
Here is a typical menu Mayo regimen (hard boiled egg diet):
Coffee or tea (without sugar);
1 or 2 egg (s) drive (s);
1 grapefruit;
1 rusk (the first week of the plan).
2 eggs (cooked without fat) or 100 grams of meat (to eat alternating with two eggs);
Tomatoes will (with or without sauce);
Coffee or tea (without sugar).
2 hard-boiled eggs;
Green salad at will (with or without sauce);
Spinach or celery or zucchini or cucumber will (with or without sauce);
1 toast or a biscuit;
1 grapefruit;
Tea (without sugar).
> Benefits
You will lose weight quickly and with certainty: 5 to 7 kg for 14 days boiled eggs diet (if you follow the letter and do not make food gaps). Read also hundreds of other tips to lose weight.
The Mayo Clinic diet is easy to follow (some errands to run, almost no preparation in the kitchen, suivable home or office) in addition to be economical.
> Disadvantages
The boiled egg diet causes deficiencies in protein, calcium (no dairy or fruit), potassium and vitamins. It is not compatible with an activity because it leads to fatigue and poor physical shape (very inadequate energy intake for your body, which will draw its needs in adipose tissue but also in muscle and bone). Be careful, you lose muscle mass (because the daily protein intakes range from 30 to 60 grams while your body needs 80 grams) at the same time as your body fat.
Hunger will seem very important with the hard boiled egg diet.
The Mayo regimen is rich in fat and cholesterol. It is therefore not to extend more than 14 days recommended otherwise you may weaken your cardiovascular system. You do not need to follow a hard-boiled egg diet if you're heart, aged, pregnant.
As you will consume a lot of eggs (this diet is very monotonous), you may not be able to eat for a while to stop the plan (sick). Be sure to choose fresh eggs and good quality.
You can not avoid the yo-yo stopped a boiled egg diet. You return all the lost kilograms or more. This is the fault of a system that lost kilograms too quickly and without post-diet (no tracking or food education) program to soften the yo-yo effect and limit the damage (stabilization).
Seen all these problems, we recommend that you do not follow this diet unless you are monitored by a dietitian or if you follow a dedicated clinic.


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